Campusgrüne – List 1

From 20 – 23 June 2016 are university elections and – as previously – we campaign for students parliament (Studierendenparlament) and university assembly (Universitätsversammlung)! Below, we want to explain the two committees.

Team CampusGrün

Students Parliament (StuPa)

The students parliament is part of the students self-administration and the legislative of the students body. There are 31 members in the StuPa who are voted through lists. Instead of voting candidates, you vote a political list like CampusGrüne. The students parliament controls and decides the budget (6.3 million euro), enacts your fees (currently 11.50 euro) and elects the AStA. In StuPa students make politics for students. Therefore it’s important for you to vote your representatives. The students representation acts for you. At University, for your 6 month transit pass, they stand in for your right to free education. Further, they organize legal advice for you, supports your university groups and much more.

  1. Johanna Saary (FB 15)
  2. Leo Jaroljmek (FB 2)
  3. Anika Schmütz (FB 20)
  4. Timo Meyer (FB 2)
  5. Franziska Herbert (FB 3)
  6. Andreas Ewald (SB Mec)
  7. Elena Jundt (FB 3)
  8. Andrè Peiffer (FB 3)
  9. Lara Görtz-Mann (FB 3)
  10. Matthias Bonarens (FB 16)
  11. Martin Lichtblau (FB 20)
  12. Jakob Rimkus (FB 1)
  13. Christian Fahr (FB 20)

University Assembly (UV)

The university assembly is part of the academic administration. There are 61 members in the UV, 31 professors, 15 students, 10 scientific assistants and 5 administrative-technical staff. Fundamental matters of TU Darmstadt are decided in the university assembly. Further, the UV elects the universities executive committee.

In order that students have a powerful voice, it is important to decide on your representatives for the university assembly.

  1. Anika Schmütz (FB 20)
  2. Andreas Ewald (SB Mec)
  3. Elena Jundt (FB 3)
  4. Johanna Saary (FB 15)
  5. Jakob Rimkus (FB 1)
  6. Andrè Peiffer (FB 3)
  7. Leo Jaroljmek (FB 2)
  8. Timo Meyer (FB 2)
  9. Franziska Herbert (FB 3)
  10. Lara Görtz-Mann (FB 3)
  11. Martin Lichtblau (FB 20)