TU Darmstadt is a diverse university. Differences have to be accepted and encouraged, so the whole university benefits. There’s no place for any discrimination like sexism, racism, homo-, bi- and transphobia. Further, the campus has to be more accessible for handicapped people. Therefore we will keep our engagement within die handicap and inclusion unit of the AStA. The university has to be sensitized to abolish discrimination.


A green city needs a green mobility concept. Bikeways need an upgrade, as well as the public transit options to campus Lichtwiese. The Semesterticket should be expanded to metro areas in south and east of Darmstadt. We supported the introduction of the bicycle rental system call a bike and we will encourage further expansion throughout the city.


The Mensa food has to have a high standard in taste and healthiness. Food should be from local farmers and consequently seasonal. We initiate more vegetarian and vegan food in the Mensa, so everyone has an option at lunch.


Last year our university passed an internationalization strategy – even if you haven’t noticed yet. It is still difficult to get into a language course. International students still have problems to find their way in Darmstadt and at our university. Affordable accommodation is missing as well as support with German bureaucracy and English information around their studies. Exams are even difficult enough for people whose mother tongue is German. Internationals need additional time or English exams to reduce the disadvantages they have.

Cultural offers

Students of the TU Darmstadt can already attend plays at the Staatstheater Darmstadt for free. We want to establish additional cooperation with cultural institutions! Currently we are trying to enable students free entry to other cultural offers in Darmstadt and its neighborhood and CampusGrüne at the students union started to negotiate with the city of Darmstadt. We are also supporting the self- governed locations Schlosskeller, Schlossgarten and 603qm where you can go for a coffee, a drink or a dance.

Studies and Teaching

Quality of teaching and studies need highest priorities at our university. Hence, we demand a systematic and consequent handling with lecture evaluations. We engage ourselves for better studies in the academic senate and its committees, e.g. abolishing compulsory attendance and a better mobility between studies and universities.

Family-friendly university?

Our university needs more flexible and broad support for students with children. Therefore we ask for more places at the universities kindergartens and ad hoc care. Parents also profit from our demand to abolish compulsory attendance and to be able to resign from exams in a shorter period of time.

Affordable accommodation for students in Darmstadt

The Studierendenwerk and the Bauverein Darmstadt assume that in the foreseeable future thousands of apartments for students are missing. In addition the rents are too high and even those student accommodations which receive subsidies are not affordable anymore. In our talks with the Studierendenwerk and the Bauverein we point to this problem and demand cheaper rents.